Brain Secrets for Sales

  • 60-min High-Energy Keynote
  • How the Brain Actually Works
  • 8 Lessons of Persuasion
  • Developing Your Influence
  • Gain Compliance from Anyone
  • Brain-Based Sales & Selling
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Optimizing Your Brain for Higher Productivity

  • 60-min High-Energy Keynote
  • Stop Procrastinating, Start Doing
  • Energy Management Principles
  • 10 Brain-Based Motivation Tricks
  • Motor Your Productivity
  • Achievement, Unlocked!
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Brain-Based Insights for Better Leadership

  • 60-min High-Energy Keynote
  • Neuroleadership's 'SCARF' Model
  • What Really Matters to a Brain
  • Science of Real Engagement
  • Developing Followership
  • Become a Better (Neuro) Leader
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Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Brain

  • 60-min High-Energy Keynote
  • How the Brain Actually Works
  • What the Subconscious Controls
  • Principles of Non-Conscious Brain
  • More Success Lives Inside Your Brain
  • 6 'Brain Secrets' for Success
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Maintaining Accuracy & Relevance in Your Career

  • 60-min High-Energy Keynote
  • Normal vs. Abnormal Brain Aging
  • Keeping Brain Healthy, Youthful
  • Training, Development Insights
  • Brain-Based Succession Planning
  • Maintain Brain Accuracy, Relevance 
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Request a Custom Program for Your Audience, Event

  • Custom Length Program
  • Program Based on Your Audience
  • Incorporates Your Event Theme
  • Incorporates Strategic Purpose
  • Tell us About Your Specific Needs
  • We Develop a Custom Program
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“Brynn is a very dynamic speaker and her depth of expertise on the brain and why brain function matters in business is cutting-edge. I was particularly impressed by her narrative and key takeaways which were immediately useful and applicable to work that my consulting firm is doing. It is a pleasure to give Dr. Winegard this unqualified endorsement and we hope to use her in our future international work.”

Shawn Bristow

President Global Consulting Firm

"Brynn was both entertaining and inspiring to watch as the keynote address at our annual conference. She is an engaging speaker with methodical, forward-thinking expertise, merged with real-life practical experience. Brynn’s keynote was energizing for all who attended, full of valuable strategies, and perspectives that could be applied with my team for greater business success for years to come—we did ‘build a better business brain’—thanks Brynn!"

Shawn Bristow

Director of Marketing Major American Financial Services Firm

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