The Aging Brain

The Ageless Brain

An Ageless Brain

Maintaining Accuracy, Productivity, Relevance throughout Your Career

Our brains naturally and normally change with age more than we think—‘like a fine wine’ some things get better with age, while other abilities decline. Either way, knowing the difference is key: as example, research shows that our decision-making errors increase with age, while our confidence in our correctness also increases – we are making more errors, we are just surer we aren’t! Other abilities and processing meanwhile gets more acute, skills get honed, and we get better at all kinds of role functions and tasks. Knowing what these are is key to maintaining accuracy, productivity and relevance in the workforce throughout our careers, especially when it comes to interacting with and training next-gen workers, as well as through the succession planning process.



  • 60-min Interavctive, High-Energy Keynote
  • Learn what normal brain aging looks and feels like
  • Discover tips and tricks for keeping your brain healthy and youthful
  • Gain insights into training, developing, and succession planning with next-gen workers
  • Hear the brain-based steps you need to take to maintain your accuracy, productivity and relevance throughout your career

Watch a sneak peEk video of dr. brynn giving this keynote!

"Women’s Brain Health Initiative was delighted to invite Dr. Brynn Winegard to address the importance of mental stimulation as one of the key topics for maintaining brain health in our Education Series. Brynn successfully engaged with guests and enlightened them through her motivating, evidence-based presentation on The Aging Brain.

I would highly recommend Dr. Winegard if you’re interested in capturing your audience’s attention and inspiring your guests with the latest information on the secrets of brain-science."

Executive Director Women's Brain Health Initiative

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