Brain Change


Our brains are 'hard-wired havens': by the time the brain has seen or performed something twice it has practiced and primed neural pathways ready to go - the brain will 'hard-wire' everything it can, in the interest of increased efficiency, comfort, economy, and ease. Usually this neuroplastic propensity serves us well - we learn quickly, things get easier over time, the world feels like a more predictable place, we can relegate more processing to 'autopilot' and save energy for new experiences and learning. During periods of change, however, this hard-wiring hurts us:  established neural networks that have become fundamental and concretized have to be broken up and reorganized - a process that is literally and physically expensive and painful.

In this talk, Dr. Brynn walks through these neural processes and describes latest frontier findings from neuroscience about how you can own change, renegotiate your own neural networks with greater ease, and move from a 'barely surviving' mindset into a 'thriving' one. Dr. Brynn relays important research about how to stay happy, healthy, productive and motivated - even when the alarm bells of the brain are sounding and everything seems uncertain. Takeaway some 'tips, tricks, and tools' for how to do more than cope but find opportunity in the non-static:  how to own change and welcome in a mindset of personal, professional, and developmental growth.


  • 60-min Interactive, High-Energy Keynote
  • Learn why change is so hard, threatening in the brain
  • How to move from a 'Surviving' to 'Thriving' Mindset during periods of massive change
  • How to stay motivated, happy, healthy during stressful periods
  • 'Tips, Tricks, and Tools' for changing your own brain
  • How to own change and welcome in growth

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"Listening to Brynn Winegard’s 'Secrets to Success' keynote presentation is like watching your favorite movie again for the first time. I had the pleasure of first listening to Brynn speak at a conference in Toronto—though have since seen her present twice more at various events. The knowledge, engagement, and passion she brings to each of her presentations left me in complete awe. Brynn has the ability to turn a heavy and sometimes daunting subject into something that anyone in any industry can relate to. Best of all, when you leave one of Brynn’s keynotes you’ve not only learned how to enhance your business successes but you’ve learned tips and tricks about improving your own brain! Watching Brynn Winegard is an experience and one that must not be missed.'

Marketing Executive Fortune 100 Consumer Goods Manufacturing Company