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Myth #492: The Brain Basically Works like a Computer, Machine, Right?

September, 10 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

Aren't Our Brains Like Machines or Computers?

I've heard this type of statement more times than I can count - and probably so have you:  "I'm a machine!" "I'll sleep when I'm dead!" "Work hard, play hard" "I just need to power through this" "My day is a marathon" "Rest is for wimps" "I'll take a break when I'm done" "Breaks won't help me get this finished' etc.

In fact, they are all wrong from the brain's perspective!

In today's video I dispel one of the many myths our culture (especially corporate culture) has propagated: that less is more when it comes to rest, recovery, taking breaks, and giving our brain some breathing room. Let me correct this quickly and succinctly - REST is critical for your brain's most productive functioning.

In fact, within limits these limits, the more you rest (15 mins every 45 mins of work, or so), the more productive you will be.

It may seem counterintuitive, but there are reasons why rest and recovery are both important in the work process.

In today's episode, I'm going to tell you why it is important, and how you can apply it to your your work and everyday life, as well as what you should do on your breaks to maximize your brain's benefit from rest and recovery!

Part 1: Why are rest and recovery important? 00:27

Part 2: A bit of history about our workday 01:01

Part 3: Why people who take more breaks actually get MORE done 01:45

Part 4: How should you rest to maximize your brain's benefit of a break? 02:36

Part 5: Your rests should be fun and include movement 02:50

Part 6: How often should you take a break? 03:28

Part 7: Picture your day as a series of sprints, instead of a marathon 04:30

Part 8: We can't talk about rest without talking about sleep - sleep is your brain's best friend! 04:43

Part 9: Think of rest and sleep as preparation, instead of reward - because the quality of your rest dictates the quality of your work and not the other way around! 05:44

Please watch, subscribe and enjoy: www.YouTube.com/DrBrynn

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