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Vary Workout Intensity: Dr. Brynn's Brain Boosters

By Dr. Brynn

Vary Your Workouts! Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Productivity Boosters

When the body is moving the brain is improving!

So make sure to move (and preferably sweat!) every day for maximum brain function.
However, more isn't more: today let's tackle something else - workout intensity.

Varying your workouts is often taken to mean the type of exercise or which muscle group - but for maximum neuro-endocrine function, you should also vary the intensity. Too much intensity in your exercise routine can actually have the reverse of intended effects: increases in stress hormones due to over-exertion increases adipose deposition (fat retention) and decrease muscle-building while also creating higher levels of fatigue, frustration, volatile mood, anxiety, depression, decreased productivity, motivation, happiness, etc.

So this week, to ensure your brain is set up for maximum success, vary your workouts - keep moving, but ensure some workouts are less intense and won't increase your brain and body's stress response!
Bonus tip: fitness has three main components - strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance - when in doubt, cycle through which one you work on each day.

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by Dr. Brynn

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