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Value of Lifelong Learning: Better Brain, Better You, Better Career

November, 1 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

I graduated college - isn't that enough learning for one lifetime?

Life teaches me lessons every day, I'm all set right?

I do crosswords and sudoku on a regular basis, is that enough brain-exercise?
NO, NO, & NO.

In today's episode, I'm going to explain to you why continuous learning at the workplace, through your career, and indeed throughout your life is important for things like maintaining your mental health, happiness, productivity, motivation and neuroplasticity.

Research shows that those who continue to learn throughout life and career aren't just healthier and happier - they are wealthier too: pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to learn new things and renegotiate neural networks pushes you further along in life; grants you greater adaptability, flexibility and nimbleness cognitively; allows for more respect and promotions; increases your brain's health and capacity; and leads to decreased levels of disorder, dementia, disease and decline in your later years.

Lifelong learners also show higher levels of higher-order problem solving, creativity, productivity, motivation, functionality, effectiveness, innovation, adaptability, flexibility, psychological resilience, coping, happiness and the list goes on!

The Importance of Continuous Learning in Life and Career 00:27

Maintaining Your Neuroplasticity 01:40

Productivity, Functionality, Relevance & Respect 03:00

Creativity, Innovation, & Problem-Solving 04:05

Reframing & Adaptability 04:42

So How Does One Go About Continuous Learning? 05:30

Pro Tip #1: Get More SLEEP! 06:28

Pro Tip #2: Learng it to Teach it, Not Just to Know it 07:23

Pro Tip #3: Get Out that Pen & Paper 08:13

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