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THIS is #1 Skill CRITICAL for Career Advancement...

August, 9 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

Answer: Public Speaking!

Recently, I was asked this question:

Q: Why is it important for a person’s career that they be able to speak publicly?  

A: I can’t remember who said it to me first, but I’ve heard iterations of it likely a thousand times (and likely so have you!) – ‘the truth is, life is about showing up’ or ‘90% of life is just showing up’…

However the saying goes, the point is effectively the same each time: in order to achieve, accomplish, be acknowledged in life and career – you’ve got to start by being present.

I teach a very popular course entitled ‘Influence & Leadership Presence’ that uses insights from brain and psychological sciences to help people build their influence, persuasiveness, leadership skills, and executive presence. In this course we investigate many tips, tricks, and tools for how to speak convincingly and confidently in front of groups or masses of others so as to be truly noticed, properly understood, and acknowledged for effective communication. It’s my assertion at the outset of the day that to advance in your career, to be truly acknowledged as a leader, you must:

  1. Be ‘Present’: Truly present - not going through the motions but actively involved, engaged, integral to what’s going on in the room, the meeting, the company etc.
  2. Get Noticed: Some people can change the energy and atmosphere of a room just by walking into it – can you? Even if you said nothing at all, would others notice if you were there or missing?
  3. Be Heard: It’s been said that true leaders don’t feel the need to speak unnecessarily, but when they do speak up, everyone listens. If you don’t have mastery of your oration skills, it’s unlikely anyone will be interested in tuning in briefly, let alone give you the floor to speak. One of the critical career advancement skills therefore is to know how to effectively, confidently, and influentially address a group or crowd.

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