Business Brainscience Neuroselling Persuasion & Influence Keynote Speaker

The Brain Science of Persuasion & Influence

By Dr. Brynn

Wouldn't you like to know more about how the human brain works; when and why it's impressionable; and what you need to know to be more influential and persuasive in your career and life?

Dr. Brynn's popular 'Brain Science Secrets of "Persuasion & Influence" keynote tackles just this - unravelling the brain in 6 steps and providing the 'tips, tricks, and tools' you need to know in order to leave a better impression, have people listen up, and get people to non-coercively comply with you.

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Thanks to the venerable Iris Meck Communications for having me in - again! @advancing_women

Here's a sneak-peak of this talk in action:

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Want some quick tips, tricks & tools?

by Dr. Brynn

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