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Start Anywhere! Dr. Brynn's Brain Boosters

By Dr. Brynn

Start Anywhere! Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Productivity Boosters

Nothing like a big project or looming deadline for you to find time to reorganize the cupboards or alphabetize your DVD collection - amiright?

Today's #brainbasedbooster is about overcoming procrastination and perfectionism by starting your project anywhere - don't wait for 'the right moment', or insight, or help, or all the resources - those might never come. Instead, start your project anywhere and what you will find - what Zeigarnik proved - is that you will be MUCH more likely to finish the project once you have started.

In fact, Zeigarnik showed that 50% of the energy of most projects is in just getting going - almost like fuel injection into the cylinders of an engine, getting started takes a disproportionate amount of energy.

Second, Zeigarnik showed that people who had gone through the mental and physical effort of actually getting something started, were highly motivated to see it finished - the brain loves to witness the end of something that has a beginning, no different than wanting to see the end of a movie or read to the end of a book.

So this week, if you are struggling to get something done - start, anywhere, and you'll be motivated to complete the project to the end, thus increasing both your productivity and satisfaction levels.

Happy #motivationmonday!

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by Dr. Brynn

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