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By Dr. Brynn

PERSUADING & INFLUENCING PEOPLE: The Brain Science Secrets You Need to Know!

Human brains have natural ‘fault-lines’ that lead to easier persuasion, influence, and compliance. In order to be better at persuading or influencing people, you just have to know where these fault-lines are. Like a form of ‘cognitive jujitsu’, in order to be our best at influencing others, we have to know what the tricks are that the human brain plays on itself that render it more easily influenced or persuaded.

Dispelling some of the common myths and exciting audiences with new and neat brain facts, Dr. Winegard excites and energizes audiences by delving into something we all have – a human brain. This keynote will leave audiences newly informed, inspired, ready to tackle their greatest business challenges. After all, we are all looking for some version of compliance from just about everyone we meet all day long. 


  • 60-min Interactive, High-Energy Keynote
  • Learn the 6 brain-based lessons of persuasion and influence
  • Insights for gaining compliance from anyone
  • Understand better how the human brain really works
  • Get new tools for better brain-based sales and selling


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by Dr. Brynn

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