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Say No! Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Boosters

By Dr. Brynn

Importance of Prioritization, Boundaries, & Saying No: Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Productivity Boosters

A study was done on basketball players in which there were effectively two test groups: one group that proceeded through their usual 8 hours of physical exercise and drills (let's call them the 'auto-pilot group'); and a second group who limited their practice time to 6 hours by prioritizing their drill-sets to the activities they needed to work on most (let's call them the 'prioritization group'). While the second group did less overall activity and practice, to the researchers' great delight, weeks later the prioritization group had improved much more significantly than the auto-pilot group and were more upbeat, energetic, and motivated to continue to improve. Investigation into how or why this worked, combined with other similar studies yields some important findings:

1) While Task Prioritization allows greater Cognitive Clarity, Cognitive Clarity alone is not the only variable allowing greater performance, productivity and motivation;

2) Cognitive Prioritization also allows people to set task-related and project-related boundaries, as well as contemplate more realistic, achievable goals for themselves;

3) In-turn, boundary insights yield greater confidence to say No to others' requests or imposed prioritization, which provides better goal clarity, focus, energy-management, and work-life balance;

4) And all of these contribute to a sense of 'Cognitive Deliberateness' that sees people better able to enter into a state of 'flow' - the brain's preferred work-state for getting things done while enjoying doing them (dopamine & serotonin are flowing!)

So this week, get more done, with greater zeal, energy, motivation, and happiness - prioritize your task-list, establish reasonable work boundaries and deadlines, say 'No!' to non-prioritized asks, and you'll soon notice much better cognitive clarity, deliberateness, focus, balance, & flow.

Happy Monday!

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by Dr. Brynn

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