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Making Friends at Work: Productivity Booster or Black Hole?

November, 28 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

I get this question from employers & employees alike: "Having or making friends at work: yay or nay from a productivity perspective?"

While there are perils to too much socializing (and certainly to some types of socializing) at work, having friends and 'friendlies' at work has been shown to increase many things, including:

  • Satisfaction and happiness levels at work, in one's role, and with one's job
  • Overall commitment to the organization and employer (decreased turnover)
  • Amount of time spent at work
  • Psychological safety and cognitive comfort at work and in the work environment
  • Willingness to experiment, take calculated risks, innovate and 'try new things'
  • Productivity and motivation in one's job
  • Quality & quantity of time spend with other employees doing non-work activities (e.g. running together)
  • Ease with which a person reports being able to perform their work-related tasks
  • Intrinsic motivational factors in their career (instead of money, as example)

In other words, simply and enjoyably making friends at work does wonders for a person's productivity, motivation, commitment to the organization, sense of psychological safety, and ultimately their career! 

In this video, we discuss how all this works and we'll give you more reasons why you should make a friend (or two) at your workplace!

Insight #1: Our Brains are Mostly Made of Networks for Social Processing 00:27

Insight #2: Because of This, Making Friends at Work INCREASES a Person's Reward Perceptions & Preferred Processing 01:12

Insight #3: Friends Increase Our Sense of Belonging, Connectedness, Embeddedness, In-Group Identification 02:06

Insight #4: Friends at Work Increases our Sense of Psychologically Safety, Cognitive Comfort, & Willingness to Experiment, Try New Things, Take Calculated Risks 02:53

Insight #5: Friends at Work Both Decreases Probability and Severity of Interpersonal Conflicts at Work & Increases Ease of Productive Interactions! 04:11

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