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Eureka! Brainscience for Breakthroughs

September, 20 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

In need of a breakthrough, a creative insight, progress?

In today's episode, we discuss the brainscience behind stimulating those 'eureka' moments:

There are a lot of moments in our lives that we really need to get out of the rut we're stuck in.

Many of you asked – how do I get a breakthrough? This is a great question – we all know the feeling of not being able to find the solution to something when we want it or having a creative block of some kind. In fact, audience members often come to me and ask – why, when I was driving, sleeping, or in the shower did the long-awaited, frustrating answer come, but not when I needed it while sitting at my desk all day?!

The answer lies with your subconscious brain: when you are finally able to calm your conscious brain, you can begin to 'listen' to your subconscious.

In today's episode - the brainscience behind breakthroughs, we cover:

PART 1: The Power of the Subconscious Brain 00:49

  • Conscious versus subconscious brain
    • Magnitude of subconscious
    • Like ‘listening for your phone to ring in a busy party’
      • The subconscious is hard to 'hear' if you’re having another conversation (even with yourself)

PART 2: Accessing Your Subconscious for Breakthroughs 01:53

  • The power of daydreaming & drifting
    • Talked about this in another video
    • Daydreaming is like it sounds – a mini daytime dream-state which allows you to rewire, assimilate, reassemble, rejuvenate
    • Many organizations have proof-positive that Daydreaming is uber powerful for being creative and having those ‘eureka' or 'AHA moments’
  • Sometimes what I call this is ‘UNFOCUSING to FOCUS’ – the idea that letting your mind wander helps:
    • Too much pressure to focus, find, solution, create backfire
    Part 3: You can’t properly listen to the subconscious or unfocus enough if we are emotionally burdened, anxious or feeling undue pressure/stress 03:18
    • Stress & high emotions will over-ride our ability to properly ‘listen to our subconscious’ – new ideas can’t surface because we’re already overloaded emotionally/psychologically
  • The creative process is a process – it requires rewiring, assimilation of new information into neural networks, ideas to percolate in your subconscious, proformas to be weighed out, scenario analysis etc.
    • Be patient with yourself! Rome wasn’t built in a day 04:48

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