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Ease in with an Easy Task: Dr. Brynn's Brain Boosters

By Dr. Brynn

Ease in with Easy Tasks: Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Productivity Boosters
Struggling to start something? Procrastinating and don't know how or where to start the project?
One insight from brain science is that action begets dopamine begets action begets dopamine etc. in a form of feedback loop: a little surge of dopamine begets motivation for more dopamine; little actions can be laddered up to much bigger actions.
We can use this principle to our advantage when we want to get things done: if you're struggling with a whole big project or with procrastination, start your project with something small and easy to get you started - the feeling of satisfaction will propel you into further productivity and continuing progress.
Further, something called the 'consistency principle' informs that the brain loves 'consistency even above correctness and into completeness' - once you start your project your brain will prefer to be consistent in its efforts until the project is complete. You know yourself how frustrating it can be to start a book or a movie and not finish it or see the ending, right?
So this week, if you're struggling to start something or procrastinating, ease into the project with easy tasks to get your started. Before you know it, you'll have your tasks completed!

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by Dr. Brynn

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