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Daydream More! Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Boosters

By Dr. Brynn

Do More Daydreaming! Dr. Brynn's Brain-Based Productivity Boosters
Did you know that daydreaming is much like real-dreaming (hence the name)? Just like during real dreams, daydreams allow us to consolidate learning, knowledge, and memory networks; listen to our subconscious; and come up with new, creative, or innovative ideas.
In fact, Google's VP of Innovation Marissa Mayer reported this in 2012 when she noticed that many of the successfully commercialized Google products had launched stemmed from employees' 'Innovation Time Off' - up to 20% of a Google employee's day could be dedicated to researching, thinking about, coding, developing anything they want - pet projects if you will. Much of this time would be spent in 'thinking' or 'daydreaming' modes: while the employee looks from the outside as if they are doing nothing, in fact their brain is doing everything!
This quieter time doesn't just allow the brain to 'come alive', it allows the conscious to 'listen and hear' the vastly more informed yet hidden subconscious brain, and it allows for new learning/research to be consolidated as knowledge into memories and memory networks.
Further research shows that most 'a-ha', 'breakthrough', 'eureka', and creative insights happen when a person has finally hushed their conscious brain and it's narrative and allowed themselves to just mind-wander, think, reflect, and 'daydream'.

I don't just want you to DREAM more - I want you to DAYDREAM more - as it turns out, both to wonderful things for your brain's ability to produce!
So this week, improve your productivity, motivation, and ultimate performance by allowing yourself to DAYDREAM!

by Dr. Brynn

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