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Brain Hacks for Easier, Faster Learning

October, 11 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

Learning is challenging - it takes a lot of focus, energy, concentration, exertion, patience. Further, learning itself is a skill that one can practice, hone and improve. As we fall out of practice after our school years with our own tried, tested, and true learning techniques, we get increasingly challenge to encode new information. We forget from the time we were kids, how practiced and good we once were at ensuring new information successfully ended up in our neural networks. All this, while as we age our neuroplasticity decreases, rendering new information more difficult to assimilate into networks as learned knowledge, or wisdom.

In today's episode, I'm going to talk about the different techniques, based on scientific research, on the best ways to learn new things.

Lifelong learning is valuable for us in our careers, professional lives, personal lives, and in our own growth and development processes and even into retirement: did you know attempts to continue to learn are a proven and effective way of thwarting cognitive disease, dementia, decline & disorder? Like a muscle, your brain gets stronger the more you put it to use!

Watch and learn techniques for how to be a better, faster learner, capable of ingesting and assimilating new information with greater ease. To your ever-improving, more knowledgeable, smarter self!

Part 1: Basics - Some Tried & Tested Techniques 00:20

Tip #1 -  Starting Off Easy 00:56

Tip #2 - This Might be Harder to Do 01:26

Tip #3 - Some 'Old-School' Methods 02:00

Tip #4 - Make a Realistic Learning Schedule 02:38

Tip #5  - Feeling Uncomfortable? Easy Means its Not Working! 03:22

Tip #6 - Context-Specific Effects 04:03

Tip #7 - Here's a Counterintuitive Insight... 05:33

Tip #8 - Save the Best for Last - My Final Piece of Advice for Easier, Faster Learning 07:07

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