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Negative Mental States, Mindset & Brain Blocks: Overcoming These as You WFH

March, 25 2020

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

Negative Mental States, Mindset, & Mental Blocks: Overcoming These as You WFH

I've heard from many of you over the last week and half of the COVID-19 isolations & mandated WFHs: you're frustrated, emotions are high, mindset is negative, productivity is challenging, distractions are prevalent, motivation is at an all time low...

Today, we talk about how to overcome negative mental states, mental blocks, overcome distractions, and increase motivation, productivity, performance, and mental-balance.

For the sake of simplicity, all of the above have been termed a 'mental block' and happen to the rest of the best of us: this negative mental state leaves you feeling frustrated, gets in the way of your writing, work, happiness, balance, productivity, motivation...it's a quick downward spiral into feeling helpless, hopeless, negative, and useless.

Rest assured, all of this is pretty common, you are not alone, and happens to me as well! Today, I am going to share with you some awesome tips based from scientific research to help you overcome mental blocks and negative states in order to feel more motivated, productive and happy. Mastering your mindset is especially important at the most crucial times in life, such as now.

Part 1: Mental Blocks 00:26

Part 2: Is there a reason that you're getting in your own way? 01:15

Part 3: A Countdown of 8 Steps for Overcoming Mental Blocks:

#8 Don't be So Hard on Yourself 01:40

#7 Exercise 02:20

#6 Meditate 03:07

#5 Daydream 03:55

#4 Walk Away 04:53

#3 Sleep On It 05:25

#2 Start Anywhere 06:13

#1 It's a Process - Patience is a Virtue 07:06

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