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8 Easy, Simple Ways to Ensure Your Brain's Peak Performance

September, 23 2019

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Dr. Brynn
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Dr. Brynn

8 Simple, Easy Ways to Ensure Your Brain's Peak Performance:  Surprise yourself with just how powerful your supercomputer brain really is

You've heard the adage: "We're only using 10% of our brain", presumably leaving the remaining 90% idle, useless, not acting in our favor. But is this true?

No! While media, culture, Hollywood has run away with this idea (which came from 1980's research that suggested only 10% of our brain was conscious and therefore leaving 90% subconscious), in actual fact you are using 100% of your brain all the time. Every neuron can be conceptualized as having something I call 'neuronal FOMO' and it resembles this: if a neuron isn't actively part of a neural network in use, it misses out on food, water, cleanliness, excitement, usefulness, friends, and ultimately, survival. SO, every neuron, each with a will to survive, tethers itself to as many neural networks as possible, in an attempt to hedge its bets against potential obsolescence. Accordingly, your whole brain is indeed in use, all the time.

Today, we go one step further and discuss how to increase your brain's performance even further: what do we need to do to increase the functionality and performance of all 100% of our brain to its maximum?

Today's episode gives you 8 simple, easy ways to do just this:

 00:21 How Do we Increase Our Brain's Performance?

00:47 Brain-Based Myths, Dispelled!

01:18 The Power of Your Subconscious

02:37 The Power of Sleep

03:06 Why Water is a Wonder-Substance!

03:41 How to Ensure States of Play & Flow

04:18 Say Yes to Caffeine

04:42 Movement is like Magic to the Brain

05:12 Daydreaming, Meditating, and the Power of Lucid Thought

05:47 Introspection, Looking Inward, Visualization & Mindfulness

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